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Contact us

KingStar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd
Address: 6th Floor, Jinxing Second Park, Dalang, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China
E-mail: info@www.6ff22.com / echo@www.6ff22.com

Tel: 86-755-28996044        

Fax: 86-755-28996044

Contact: Ms Echo Liu          

Mobile: 86-18575681447

Company Profile

Founded in 2015, KingStar Electronics is a Shenzhen-based high-tech company dedicated in R&D, producing, and selling of soft magnetic material and electronic components. Since its incorporation, it has been focusing on developing & promoting of wireless charging products, such as ferrite sheets, coils, modules, which are widely used in smart phones, smart watches, home appliance, and some high power electric products, such as e-bikes, e-vehicles, and etc. More than 80% of KingStar's products are for exportation, such as to South Korea, Europe, Japan, U.S, South Asia, especially to South Korea, for Samsung Electronics, which include the TX end ferrite used in Samsung S6, S7, S8, Note 5, S10 mobile phones, as well as its smart watches, such as Solis TX ferrite, Gear Pulse TX ferrite. 

Apart from Qi-standards wireless charging products, we are also focusing on R&D of high-power wireless charging for electric bicycles and electric cars, with the e-bike wireless charging products to be put into market in middle of 2020 and mature e-car WC products to be ready within 3 years. The charging efficiency of our current e-bike wireless charging has reached 81% at the long distance 20mm, which is a real great breakthrough worldwide. Our goal is to make power usage is as simple at WiFi! Most magnetic ferrite used in WC is MnZn ferrite, while for IoT and other high frequency application, we supply customers with NiZn ferrite.

KingStar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a new high-tech enterprise, specializing in developing, manufacturing, and promoting soft magnetic ferrite products and electron components with advanced technologies and excellent quality. ore than gb, gradually to the international standard.
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KingStar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd